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Friday, May 8th 2009

10:43 AM

Spring Is In The Air!

Happy Spring!  April and May have been especially busy for me with presentations.  May alone has eleven school presentations, three community organization presentations and my first book club appearance!  June, July and August should see a bit of a slow down with schools not in session but I hope to break into more Chester Co. Schools in the Fall.  No word from Bill Rotko on the screenplay so I've decided to put that out of my mind.  If it is meant to be, something will come of it - it's out of my hands. 

In the meantime, all three books are selling well.  I developed a presentation on the Great Depression which will highlight my third book, PEANUT BUTTER FOR CUPCAKES.  I also put together two different PowerPoint presentations on the orphan train movement that I can use with larger groups. 

I will post again with new updates as they arise.  Have a Great Summer!

-Donna Aviles


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